Sheepshead Review

In 1975, the Sheepshead Revue went to press as a student outlet for creative writing and visual art. For nearly a quarter century, it gave students and others a venue to publish short stories, poetry, creative writing and visual images. Citing a lack of financial support, the student publishers released the final issue of the Revue in 1999. Like the Phoenix, the Sheepshead Review would be reborn. It relaunched in 2003 with a new name (the new spelling was more customary for a literary review) and renewed energy. Championed by UW-Green Bay Prof. Rebecca Meacham, the Sheepshead Review bills itself as a premier literary magazine of the Midwest, supported by a student staff of forty and facilitated by Meacham’s Practicum in Literary Publishing course. The earliest student literary magazine at the four-year UW-Green Bay, The Big Yellow Bust, was busted soon after its first issue in November 1970. Some considered the issue’s content to be obscene. State funding was withdrawn on orders of Chancellor Weidner. As a student publication, Weidner said, the magazine should have been supported by student fees.