Do you want more out of your UWGB experience? Adhere to the “Seven C’s” says Meyer

UW-Green Bay’s Secretary of the Faculty and Staff Steve Meyer was the sixth and final speaker in the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s “Last Lecture Series,” presented in celebration of the University’s 50th Anniversary.

Meyer, also a member of the UWGB science faculty, presented “Forget the Three T’s: Focus on the Seven C’s” on Wednesday, April 27 in the Christie Theatre of the University Union.

Many familiar with UW-Green Bay have heard of UWGB’s “3 T’s” — known affectionately as trees, tunnels and toilets (in every dorm room). (Recent students have added a fourth — teachers). Meyer suggests in his Last Lecture that if the UW-Green Bay family focuses less on the “T’s” and more on the “C’s” UWGB would be a better place to work, play and study.

“The C’s are not conifers, commodes and concourses,” he joked, but “cavort, challenge, conviction, compassion, considerate, character and commitment.” Meyer’s heartfelt presentation was a reflection on his personal faith as a Christian, and his potential influence as a friend, father, husband, teacher and peer.

“In the end,” he says, “Life is all about relationships… The only thing that matters in the world are the people in your life… and the most important thing you can do is touch the lives of others.”

In Prof. Meyer style, he left the Last Lectures audience to reflect on two classic movie scenes — one from “It’s a Wonderful Life” when angel Clarence tells George, “Remember, no man is a failure who has friends,” and from the pop classic “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” “Be excellent to each other.”

The following is the list of Last Lecture participants and topics:

  • Sept. 23 — Derek Jeffreys, Professor, Humanistic Studies
    “The Mystery of the Person: Teaching Philosophy and Religion in a Maximum-Security Prison”
  • Oct. 28 — Jeff Entwistle, Professor, Theatre and Dance
    “We All Need Theatre in Our Lives and in Our Future”
  • Nov. 18 — Susan Gallagher-Lepak, Professor, Nursing
    “E-Learning: The Train has Left the Station”
  • Feb. 17 — Lucy Arendt, Associate Dean, College of Professional Studies
    “Made to Serve: The Tragic Corruption of America’s Founding Values”
  • April 13 — Phil Clampitt, Professor, Information and Computing Science
    “The Magical Connection between Uncertainty, Innovation, and the Human Spirit.”
  • April 27 — Steve Meyer, Associate Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences
    “Forget the Three T’s: Focus on the Six C’s”