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In 1975, the Sheepshead Revue went to press as a student outlet for creative writing and visual art. For nearly a quarter century, it gave students and others a venue to publish short stories, poetry, creative writing and visual images. Citing a lack of financial support, the student publishers released the final issue of the Revue in 1999. Like the Phoenix, the Sheepshead Review would be reborn. It relaunched in 2003 with a new name (the new spelling was more customary for a literary review) and renewed energy. Championed by UW-Green Bay Prof. Rebecca Meacham, the Sheepshead Review bills itself as a premier literary magazine of the Midwest, supported by a student staff of forty and facilitated by Meacham’s Practicum in Literary Publishing course. The earliest student literary magazine at the four-year UW-Green Bay, The Big Yellow Bust, was busted soon after its first issue in November 1970. Some considered the issue’s content to be obscene. State funding was withdrawn on orders of Chancellor Weidner. As a student publication, Weidner said, the magazine should have been supported by student fees.

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  1. No, the publication was not The Big Yellow Bust. It was put out by the History Department, I believe. And it was between 1976-1979. I’ll scan it, and send it to you. Also, I have photos when a group of students went with this History Professor, name forgotten, to Kalamazoo, Michigan to a Medieval Convention. The art students built a cannon. One of the students is now a professor, her name is Terry ?. The health food co-op that was on-campus. Since younger people have a difficult time reading cursive, I’ve started transcribing my journal. The Journal is from 1978-1984. It was started the month that Jim Jones scandal took place. This project may take some time, because I have 40 years of Journal now.

  2. I am wondering if the limited publication title you first mention is the Big Yellow Bust. It was short-lived in the 1970s and seems to fit your description. We have been trying to collect these issues for preservation in the University Archives.

    I have not heard of the health food store publication. Was this perhaps the food co-op that was run on campus at one point? We would welcome a chance to learn more about it.

    If you are willing to share either of these publications or loan them to us for scanning, we would love to add them to the University Archives. You can contact us at

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have another publication that UWGB started, but it didn’t last very long: I think they did one publication, and then went out of business. I’ll have to check my archives. The magazine was published on one sheet of paper; also, the health food store also did a publication, which acquired students from UWGB to write articles. I had an article on how to make a Hero sandwich.

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