UWGB Transformed Jentzen by…

…believing in her so that she could believe in herself.

Many UWGB freshman first set foot on campus and feel like they can take on the world. For Jentzen Ostman, her initial experience was a bit different.

“I was a young and unversed child, and I came to UWGB immature and unsure,” Jentzen explains, “but the professors and staff made me aware of my potential, and they gave me a reason to fight. They didn’t give up on me like so many had before.”

Over the course of four years and spending far too many late nights in the studio working on one of many projects, Jentzen says that it was this dedication to personal embetterment that allowed her to share her abilities with the world. “I found a support structure and learned how to build on the foundation they provided,” Jentzen explains.

Of her many mentors, Jentzen greatly appreciates the leadership of Allison Gates, Mindy Sue Wittock, Kim Messinger, Jeff Benzow, Chuck Rybak, and Rebecca Meacham who were “always there and always ready to answer any questions and offer advice.” And even though Jentzen had a few tough years, she’s better for the experience.

“I couldn’t even begin to describe how much more prepared for life I am after graduating from UWGB, let alone the leadership skills I developed while there,” Jentzen says. “I could barely say hello to a stranger, and now I have confidence in myself and my actions.”

Name: Jentzen Ostman

Grad Year: 2013

Major: Design Arts


We’ve asked alumni to either share stories of how their lives were transformed by the UWGB  experience or how they are making the world a better place with transformational work in their careers, homes, or volunteer experiences. As UWGB celebrates its 50th Anniversary, meet an alum each week who has experienced a “UW-Green Bay Transformation.” Stories were self-submitted and then edited by Zachary Taylor, a 2010 English Education graduate currently serving as Interim Associate Director of the Phuture Phoenix program.