UWGB Transformed Jena by…

…allowing her to spread her wings as a social (media) butterfly.

On a typical college campus, students can be seen walking to and from class, clutching their cell phones, updating their Twitter feed or Facebook accounts, and taking selfies to post on Instagram. Jena Richter used to be one of those students, a self-professed “social media butterfly,” but she never thought of her digital communication skills as a means to a career.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 9.25.50 AM“UWGB helped me acknowledge my passion for social media and turn it into a viable career path,” Jena says. “From my first MSN Blog to Twitter, I was always ahead of my peers when it came to social media, but I never recognized public relations, marketing, and social media as my career calling. I didn’t even know what PR truly was!”

From the very beginning of her UWGB education, Jena immersed herself in anything and everything social media. In her earlier years, Jena promoted her very own radio show as a DJ for the campus radio station and helped promote events put on by the Leadership Task Force. Later, Jena served as the Social Media Coordinator for Phlash TV, worked as the Marketing and Communication Assistant for Residence Life, and completed a Communication Capstone Course titled, “Cases in Crisis Communication and Media Management.”

Despite all of her hard work, Jena admits that it was only possible because of the hard work of her UWGB teachers and mentors.

“Phil Clampitt is an amazing professor because he not only teaches students, but he also instills in them the skills that will make them successful in the post-grad world,” Jena insists. “Besides what I learned in the classroom, from his textbooks, and from the group work assigned by him, Phil also believed in me and provided me with opportunities to grow outside of the classroom.”

One of Jena’s opportunities included working with Phil Clampitt as a Research Assistant and presenting findings on leadership at the 12th Annual UW-Green Bay Academic Symposium. Jena was also able to help develop a brand new course for the Communication department titled “Social Media Strategies.”  In addition to Phil Clampitt, Jena also credits Todd Sanders, Social Media Specialist, as Jena worked closely with Todd as an intern, “learning the ins and outs of social media in higher education and helping him execute crazy ideas.” Jena considers her time as his intern as a wonderful opportunity to work with one of the “best in the biz.”

Now, serving as UWGB’s Social Media Specialist, Jena feels that her UWGB experience was truly a special one.

“I feel UWGB is unique because I had all of these opportunities to work alongside staff and faculty to develop my skills and passions. I know this is what made me the social media professional that I am today,” Jena explains. “I work here, and when I am not at work, you can’t get me to shut up about how great UWGB is! I still need to pinch myself every once in a while.”

Name: Jena Richter

Grad Year: 2013

Major: Communication

Minor: Corporate Communication


Photos submitted by: Jena Richter, UWGB

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