UWGB Transformed Erica by…

…showing her how to rely on her herself.

For many freshman, the transition between high school and college can be a rocky one because it’s the first time they have been on their own. Thankfully for Erica Larsen, she was able to find the right blend of people and experiences at UWGB to allow her to seize her independence.

Larsen, ERica 2 “I came to UWGB a timid, shy, and sheltered bookworm,” Erica explains,” but I rapidly transformed into a hard-partying wildchild, and eventually mellowed into a happy medium between the two before my third year.”

Once Erica settled into her studies, she credits numerous UWGB faculty and staff members for making her into a much more self-reliant person.

“Bryan Vescio really challenged me to think critically and not take anything at face value,” Erica says. “Rebecca Meacham inspired me to push my own boundaries and, when faced with closed doors, taught me to build my own. And Denise Scheberle gave me self confidence and the ability to rely on myself for the first time in my life.”

Now with a wonderful career working for a large local financial institution, a fantastic family, and both professional and personal success, Erica says she has come a long way and has UWGB to thank.

“I never imagined this for myself when I was a scared and anxious freshman,” Erica says.

Name: Erica Larsen

Grad Year: 2010

Major: English

Minor: Humanistic Studies

Photo submitted by: Erica Larsen


We’ve asked alumni to either share stories of how their lives were transformed by the UWGB  experience or how they are making the world a better place with transformational work in their careers, homes, or volunteer experiences. As UWGB celebrates its 50th Anniversary, meet an alum each week who has experienced a “UW-Green Bay Transformation.” Stories were self-submitted and then edited by Zachary Taylor, a 2010 English Education graduate currently serving as Interim Associate Director of the Phuture Phoenix program.