The ‘Face Pot’

face-pot-800pxAt groundbreaking for the Creative Communication complex in October 1971, Green Bay Mayor Don Tilleman, Prof. Coryl Crandall, academic dean John Beaton and Conny Nelson were on hand for the occasion. If Crandall’s grin is particularly pronounced, it might be because of the ceremonial “face pot.” Creative arts faculty members convinced campus administrators that it was traditional to create a glazed pot with human imagery to hold some of the dirt, in order to bring good luck to the future building and its occupants. Some of the conspirators confessed years later that there was no such superstition… until they made it up for the CCC groundbreaking.

One thought on “The ‘Face Pot’

  1. The “Face Pot” was made by Art Professor Bruce Grimes and for years adorned the outer office (Theatre Hall 331), home of the Communication and the Arts, and Humanistic Studies

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