The BlueWhale Coffeehouse

Claudia Schmidt performing, BlueWhale Coffeehouse
Claudia Schmidt performing, BlueWhale Coffeehouse

For UWGB students in the ’70s and ’80s, the BlueWhale Coffeehouse was an artistic hub drawing musical talent from Chicago, Minneapolis and other Midwest cities. Launched in 1972, the BlueWhale attracted a significant audience of local musicians, making it the go-to destination on the new campus for live music. Coordinated by the Good Times Programming Board, the BlueWhale charged $2 for admission, 50 cents for UWGB students with student IDs. The stage was small, surrounded by old chairs, hand-me-down couches, and a barn board sign that read, “Bluewhale Coffeehouse.” Although it maintained popularity through the 1980s, a deteriorating Shorewood Club was to be torn down in 1987 and along with it, the beloved BlueWhale.

One thought on “The BlueWhale Coffeehouse

  1. I remember my first time at the “Blue Whale” @ ’76 or so. A Band was playing. A bunch of students from classes and the halls were there getting drunk and having a good time. SOme of the group pulled the couch from the side to right in front of the band and were hopping in and out, making out, and spillin beer. Later the poor couch bottomed out when I finally got a chance to sit on it realizing it was all brokeded and used up. A Chaperone for the eve wa asking around “who done it?” I remember the Dean giving an announcement as to getting rowdy @functions the following week over the P.A. system. I think someone should make a Movie on the heels of like “St Elmos FIre”, “Neighbors, “, or “Animal House”. Well, that would be a comment.

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