UWGB Transformed Jordan by…

…catalyzing his passion for science.

Global warming, drought, and exponential energy consumption: these are only a few of the crises facing the 21st century scientific community, but after receiving what he calls an “invaluable education” at UWGB, University of California-Riverside PhD student and Research Scientist Jordan W. Taylor is passionate about changing the world for the better.

“UWGB converted my interest in science into a passion,” Jordan asserts. “I was not only granted my first research experience on campus, but UWGB also provided me with an invaluable education in tutoring and working in the chemical stockroom. I have come to find that the small classes and the ability to be on a ‘first name basis’ with professors is very rare and separates UWGB from many, many other universities.”

These professors Jordan credits–Franklin Chen, Warren Johnson, and Michael Zorn–not only educated him in the ways of Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Physics, but also allowed him the experiential knowledge to conduct his own research.

“Chen, Johnson, and Zorn gave me my first taste of research and taught me how to be a research scientist. And lab tech Joe Schoenebeck allowed me to experience the inner workings of a chemistry lab, which has given me an advantage over many other students,” Jordan says.

And while he admits that transforming the world is quite a large task, Jordan’s doctoral research is focused on 21st century energy resources and methods of constructing efficient energy systems.

“I use coordination chemistry to design catalysts that can help solve the world’s energy issues,” Jordan explains. “I work to identify new catalytic strategies and binding modes that could in turn lead to more efficient and better designed catalytic systems. It is deeply humbling to think that any of my research could one day affect how other researchers think. And I owe it all to UWGB.”

Name: Jordan W. Taylor

Grad Year: 2013

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Physics and Environmental Science


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