Peaceful protests, discussion

Two days after the May 1970 shootings at Kent State, about 2,000 local citizens including UWGB, St. Norbert and local high school students walked in a silent, candle-lit procession in downtown Green Bay, joined by mayor Donald Tilleman. Tilleman then visited campus later that week for a human rights and anti-war “Teach-In.” The UW-Green Bay students and faculty identified as talking with the mayor (who is at far left in this photo) included Sandra Vander Heiden (first row, second from left), John Henry (first row, far right), Tom Krueger (first row, second from far right), Professor Paul Abrahams (center with beard), Thomas Swoboda (next to Abrahams), Mike Morgan (second row, far right), Rollin Posey (second row, second from right) and Tim Brennan (second row, third from right).