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It fell into disrepair and was torn down in 1987, but ask any 1970s Era alumnus of UWGB for his or her favorite memories and it’s almost certain to include the word “Shorewood.”  On an under-construction campus that had few buildings at all until the mid-1970s, the former Shorewood Country Club clubhouse was a mecca for students, serving as the student union and semi-official hangout.

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  1. I worked at the original Shorewood Club as a student bar tender. I started in 1969 and worked up through my graduation with the first mid-term graduating class from UWGB on December 20, 1970! The club was managed by Bob Goemans while I was there. Tap beers were $.25 for a 12 oz glass…cans of Pabst and Budweiser were around $.50 I believe.

    At times, there was live musical entertainment on weekends. The most vivid memory I have is from December 1, 1969. the night of the very first draft lottery. Many young men gathered to watch the lottery on TV. As each number drawn, if the student in attendance had the birth date being assigned that number, the reactions varied from laughter to sadness (maybe even fear). Generally, there was a lot of banter and yelling and celebrating. For those of us with birth dates in November and December we found out the next day that there was a hugely disproportionate number of November/December drawn very early in the assignment process. It was determined the process had flaws in how the date capsules were mixed leaving the late year capsules on top to be drawn first!

    The Shorewood Club was one of the 4 total buildings on campus. It originally served as the club house for the privately owned Shorewood Golf Course until the golf course was “condemned” so the sale of the property to the state could be completed After the construction of the 3 initial campus buildings was completed, it was determined the former golf club house would now serve as the first student union for UWGB.

    Students gathered for the camaraderie and fellowship and all around good times. During the daytime hours, some of the students gathered for club meetings and the like and some even gathered in study groups. But, there is no doubt that the club was there to host fun times. With the age 18 beer drinking laws in place, students had a place to go and enjoy themselves.

    Great, great memories for me personally.

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