Vote: All-time women’s basketball starting five

The University Communication Office submits this ballot of Green Bay Athletics women’s basketball greats, drawn from the list of record-breakers, all-conference selections and team leaders to represent a cross-section of eras and standout Phoenix teams, with a preference given to four-year players. Vote for five, regardless of position:

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5 thoughts on “Vote: All-time women’s basketball starting five

  1. It was difficult to leave some players off this team, but also did not see others play.
    Second team choices: Kayla Tetschlag, Celeste Hoewsich, Amanda Leonard, Adrian Ritchie, & Natalie Berglin.
    And special mention for 2-year player, Mandy Stowe.

  2. Could someone fix the spelling of Kayla Tetschlag’s name? Since she’s in consideration for the best all time women’s players at UWGB her name should probably be spelled correctly…

        1. Thank you. Again, we are sorry for our error and have made the correction.

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