2 thoughts on “Farmhouse office

  1. Boy, that is not the “farm house” used in my recollection, nor is the location correct? Were there more than one used?

    1. Yes, multiple farmhouses.
      I’m looking at Chapter 3 of Betty Brown’s exhaustively researched and documented history, “University of Wisconsin-Green Bay: From the Beginning.”
      It refers to these buildings in a passage that begins, “…Except for two farmhouses on the Shorewood property, the University (in 1967) as a physical entity was still invisible. Weidner and his secretary occupied the first floor of the Maloney house, located down a steep hill from Bay Settlement Road. (Assistant Chancellor Russell) White worked in another farmhouse facing Highway 54-57…”

      That one was a white farmhouse with several outbuildings including an old barn. And it had a sign that said “Business Offices” out front. I’ve seen that photo. (It’s Photo No. 101, and also 102, at the digitized historical photo archive that Deb Anderson and University Archives/Area Research Center have archived at http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/WebZ/FETCH?sessionid=01-64030-2003967048&recno=101&resultset=2&format=F&next=html/nffull.html&bad=error/badfetch.html&&entitytoprecno=101&entitycurrecno=101&entityreturnTo=brief

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