50 GTP Alumni Favorites

Good Times Programming (GTP) is a student group that contributes to the educational mission of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay by designing, developing, implementing, and presenting leisure programs, which improve the value of student life. GTP organizes and plans various events for campus, from comedians and bands, to guest speakers and adventure trips. In celebration of UW-Green Bay’s 50th anniversary, GTP alumni compiled a list of their favorite shows from the past 20 years.

1. Collective Soul

Collective Soul

2. Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World

3. Switchfoot & Relient K – SOLD OUT

Switchfoot Concert 07-11-107

4. David Cook – SOLD OUT

David Cook, American Idol (season 7) champion

David Cook concert 2009

5. Thompson Square

Thompson Square  March 26, 2011

6. Hot Chelle Rae

Hot Chelle Rae  September 5, 2011

7. Phillip Phillips – SOLD OUT

Phillip Phillips, reigning American Idol (season 11) champion

Phillip Phillips  February 1, 2013

8. MTV’s Loveline

MTV’s Loveline, featuring Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carrolla

MTV's Loveline 1998

9. Jose Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize winner

Jose Roma with GTP students.

10. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Environmental speaker


11. Judy Shepard, Activist against hate crimes

Judy Shepard, activist and mother of slain college student Matthew Shepard

Newspaper article Judy Shepard

12. Academy Award Winner Michael Moore

Michael Moore, film maker and political activist

Michael Moore 2004

13. Blake Mycoskie, Founder and CSG of TOMS Shoes

Blake Mycoskie

14. Jimmy Fallon – SOLD OUT

Jimmy Fallon comedian and celebrity from NBC’s Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon

15. Lewis Black – The Daily Show, Comedy Central

Lewis Black, comedian televised on The Daily Show and Comedy Central

Lewis Black 2012

16. Dave Coulier, from ABC’s Full House

Dave Coulier, comedian, actor and impressionist known for his role as Joey Gladstone on ABC’s Full House

Dave Coulier

17. Ben Bailey, ‘Cash Cab’ comedian

Ben Bailey of the Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab and Cash Cab After Dark

Ben Bailey Cash Cab

18. The Price is Right LIVE! – SOLD OUT

The Price is Right  December 10, 2011

19. Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson  November 8, 2014

20. Girl Code Live, from MTV

MTV's Girl Code Live  October 9, 2014

21. Dazy Head Mazy, band

Daisy Head Mazy band

22. Pat McCurdy

Pat McCurdy

23. Munchies with Kevin Roberts


24. Tiny Glover, comedian

Tiny Glover with GTP students.

25. Jen Cohen, musician

Jen Cohen

26. Craig Karges, mentalist

Craig Karges

27. Ed and Lorraine Warren, ghost hunters

Ed and Lorraine Warren, ghost hunters

28. Dave Pallone, LGBTQ lecture

Dave Pallone

29. Naturally 7, a capella singers

Naturally 7

30. Ha Ha Tonka, band

Ha Ha Tonka band

31. Kinsey Sicks, drag a capella singers

Kinzey Sicks 2005

32. The Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls concert

33. Zach Sherwin, comedian

Zach Sherwin  February 12, 2014

34. Nelly’s Echo, musician

Nelly's Echo

35. Chicago Trip

Chicago Trip: Girls in Glass-bottom Elevator

36. Oxford Debates

37. Jim Wand, hypnotist

Jim Wand

38. Traces, female a capella vocalists

Traces  February 21, 2013

39. Set it Off, band

Set It Off  October 23, 2014

40. GraveDancers Ball

Grave Dancers Ball  October 30, 2013

41. ‘MythBusters’ on Campus

Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara of the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters

42. Eric O’Shea, comedian

Eric O'Shea 2006

43. Jason Levassuer, musician

Jason Levassuer 2007

44. Extreme Air, skydive simulator

45. Frank Meeink, skinhead lecture

Frank Meeink, ex-neo-nazi, author and speaker

46. Ladies Night Out, annual female comedian

Ladies Night Out  March 25, 2014

47. Color Run

Color Run

48. Psychic Fair

Psychic Fair 2019

49. Tonic Sol Fa, a cappella singers

Tonic Sol Fa

50. Pete Lee – comedian

Pete Lee

4 thoughts on “50 GTP Alumni Favorites

  1. Obviously the much younger GTPB members have contributed to this list, how about Ozark Mountain Daredevils at the Shorewood Club, Timbuk3 in the Union, Head East at the Shorewood Club, Green Bay’s own Fun w/ Atoms all over campus; Village Apts for Spring Screamer, Outside & inside the Student Union addition & on & on, Tom DeLuca – Hypnotist, Java at the Shorewood Club & the sellout to open the Multi Purpose Room in the Union Addition

    1. Agreed, we need contributions from those of who remember when all entertainment other than the “Lecture and Fine Arts Series” took place at the Shorewood Club. Back before highway funding took precedent over young adulthood, the Shorewood Club functioned as the student union and an eighteen year old beer bar. Cover charge to all events was capped at $0.50. Prior to sometime during the fall semester of 1972, a twelve ounce draft beer cost fifteen cents, then it increased all the way up to twenty-five cents.

      In the culture and consistently overcrowded setting of the beer bar, the Shorewood Club hosted acts such as “Michael Quattro”, “Raintree”, “Possum River”, “Scot Williams”, “The UWGB Jazz Band”, “The Sam Lay Blues Band” (original members of “The “Paul Butterfield Blues Band” without Butterfield), and the always demanded every semester “Norman Dombrowski and the Happy Notes”. The “Lecture and Fine Arts Series” contributed Josh White, Clark Kerr, Stewart Udall, and “The Charlie Byrd Quintet” (who ate at “Chili John’s” before and again after their performance) .

  2. Miss these days, the friendships, and the carefree fun! Thanks for working so hard to put this all together, Grant! GTP is a great organization! So proud to have been a part of it! 🙂

  3. Wooo!! Made it in the Thompson Square photo!!
    Quite a few of these events happened while I was at UWGB. GTP brought in some great stuff! Loved helping out with all the ones that I did.
    Will never forget when Hot Chelle Rae was there. I was the Building Manager on duty in the Union, and I asked Nash as I walked him to the bus if his brother Chord Overstreet was there, because that was the rumor going around. He said not that he knew of, by the way!

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