These downloads are available to those who would like to help celebrate UW-Green Bay’s 50th Anniversary.

UWGB50th-anniversary-graphic-2-color_CMYK50th Anniversary Graphics and Styles

50th Anniversary graphics are available to provide context and consistency for communicators as we celebrate 50 years at UW-Green Bay.

50th Anniversary Activity Book

Our UW-Green Bay 50th Anniversary Activity Book contains puzzles and coloring pages that celebrate UW-Green Bay’s history and school spirit. Watch for activity books at 50th Anniversary events or download this printable pdf.

  • Coloring pages
  • Connect the dots
  • Maze
  • Word find
  • Crossword puzzle

50th Anniversary Edition of Inside Magazine

2015.09-INSIDE_Sept2015This extended special 50th Anniversary issue of Inside magazine brings together a collection of stories from then and now, fun facts, alumni UWGB transformation stories, all accompanied with photo treasures from our own UW-Green Bay Archives and Area Research Center.

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