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UW-Green Bay has presented a Founders Association Award for Excellence in Teaching annually since 1975. The distinguished list of honorees (nominated and selected over the years by their peers) is by no means complete, but is as good a starting point as any for an informal poll inviting your input on favorite faculty over the years.

“Vote” for a maximum of three.  And please share other names in the comment section below if there are others — personal favorites, talented researchers or individuals with relatively brief UWGB teaching careers who nonetheless made an impact — whom you believe deserve special mention.

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79 thoughts on “Vote: Award-winning teachers

  1. So many great faculty, but since I can only pick 3 I’ll choose:
    Cheryl Grosso
    Sarah Detweiler
    Toni Damkoehler

  2. Ganga Nair…great person to work with, expected the best of his students, treated everyone with respect.

  3. Drs. Wava Haney, Orville Clark, Robert Mendelsohn and Estella Lauter were some of my favorites.

  4. Harvey Kaye was amazing! I’m surprised he never received this award given his years at UWGB, his fame as a teacher, and his accomplishments with what he has published.

  5. Prof Ganga Nair- Conservation of natural resources, plant/forest pathology, mycology. He never accepted anything below A work from me and pushed me to limits I never knew I could acheive, Definitely still have all my notes from his classes and definitely miss the man.

  6. Hello. As clarification in response to the questions being raised here… We limited the “ballot” to just a few dozen names for space reasons, not wanting people to have to scroll through 100 names or more. We somewhat arbitrarily agreed that the all-time list of annual Founders Award for Teaching honorees would make a sensible place to start. It’s just a reality of the Founders selection process that some of our alumni’s favorite, most effective instructors just didn’t happen to win that particular award during their tenure here. (Many of the names shared in the comments, however, won Founders Awards in other categories such as research or community outreach, some earning multiple awards.)

    We expected to get plenty of “write-in” votes and we are, and sincerely hope the Comment section makes up for any shortcomings in the limited selections on the “ballot.” No slights were intended.
    — Chris Sampson, director of communication for UW-Green Bay

  7. There are some great teachers missing from this list–Ron Baba, Tom Bender, David Damkoehler, for example.

  8. Dean O’Brien made a huge difference in my life and my career. So did Tom Churchill, who believed in my skills as a writer and a person.

  9. Don Schultz.

    David Coury.

    two of the best teachers and Advisers Anyone could possibly ask for.

  10. No professors prepared their students for the real world more than James Loebl and Larry McGregor. There are too many stories about both of these Professors helping their students outside the classroom.

    1. I fully agree. Add on Steve Muzatko and James Doering as well. I learned the most form these four.

    1. Tim Meyer absolutely needs to be included in this list as well as a few others as well!

  11. David Radosevich should be on this list. Best professor I had during my time at UWGB. Lucy Arendt was awesome. And Ken Knauf! Both Geimers too…. Man, so many good business professors.

  12. I would have liked to see David Damkoehler on this list. Most inspirational and open minded teacher ever!

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