Lecture series celebrates 30 years

Prof. Harvey Kaye

Prof. Harvey Kaye

The 50th anniversary of UWGB coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Historical Perspectives Lecture Series. Prof. Harvey J. Kaye of the Center for History and Social Change is marking both occasions with a visit by one of American politics’ most prominent analysts. Richard Brookhiser, senior editor of the National Review, a respected historian of the conservative movement and author of biographies of Washington, Hamilton and others, will speak at 7 p.m. Oct. 6 in a free public lecture in the Christie Theatre of the University Union. Brookhiser’s topic is “Lincoln and the Founders.”  Kaye, an award-winning professor of Democracy and Justice Studies and well-connected nationally with prominent historians and political analysts, founded the lecture series in 1985 as a way to get his students and others up close with leading thinkers in their fields. The first speaker was historian Christopher Hill of Oxford University. In subsequent years, renowned British labor historians including Victor Kiernan and Dorothy and E.P. Thompson visited Green Bay. Notables including Frances Fox Piven, Cass Sunstein and national columnists both liberal and conservative —E.J. Dionne, Brookhiser, Michael Novak, Joe Conason, Eric Alterman and John Nichols, among others — have made appearances, as well. Kaye says the promise of a weekend in Green Bay, perhaps a trip to Lambeau Field or Door County, a home-cooked meal or two (many of the guests stay at the Kaye Family residence) and a chance to take the pulse of Midwestern students and others on issues of the day are big draws for the visitors — outweighing any disadvantage of the very modest honoraria.

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